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Here are the different options available to you.
Included in the formula


(price without VAT)


Immortalize your events
1800 €


Present your activity
2500 €


Highlight a product
3000 €


Promote the spirit of your brand
4000 €


Edit and format your images
1500 €

No, these are only basic rates used as minimum references for the production and / or editing of a video. In fact, the rates are very variable depending on your request.

The delivery time of a video depends on several factors. Among which :

  • The number of shooting days
  • The number of interviews
  • If there are specific requests in terms of visual design, animation, simple effects or Motion Design
  • The number of intermediaries for corrections

Keep in mind that the Post-Production phase is the most time-consuming phase, especially when editing requires visual creation (Motion Design, Effects, etc.).

The production of a simple video generally requires 2 weeks before the delivery of the final version. More complex videos can take almost 4 weeks or more.

A more urgent delivery is obviously possible but will be more expensive because it will require more employees to meet the deadline.

For an institutional or event video

We are here from the beginning of the project to help you put in place the best possible video content, in line with your wishes and your budget.
It starts with briefing you or your team.
Once the information is given, we make the first scenario proposals, an estimate of the time needed to produce the video and a quantified estimate of the project.

Video and interview content may or may not be scripted very precisely in advance. Otherwise, a simple scenario framework of the video is prepared and defined with you before the project and adapted during the shooting.

For a promotional video or branding

This type of video requires more preparation because many artistic factors come into play. We define with you the expectations and objectives, and determine the visual aspect and the artistic universe desired to highlight your brand.
We then establish a production and shooting schedule, and set up a technical team dedicated to your project.

For a simple institutional or event video

The shooting is usually done in the presence of 2 people from our team, who come to film with 2 cameras (especially in case of interviews) to boost the video.
The interviews are then shot in a place that combines the optimal recording conditions (scenery adapted to the subject, bright, without resonance, etc.).
A half-day minimum is then devoted to the shooting of images which will be used for illustrations to illustrate what is said during the interviews.

For a promotional video or branding

This kind of video may require a larger team of specialized technicians (production manager, director and assistant, operator, script, electricians, sound engineer) for each equipment used (often rented).

The shooting can be done either in a natural setting with natural light, or in a studio lit with projectors.
The number of shooting days is generally greater (from 1 to 7 days depending on the project's ambition).
The project can also bring us to call actors or models.

The post-production phase is the editing and assembly of the rushes that were filmed during the shooting.

Once the shooting is finished, a first editing version is proposed. It is carried out by 1 or 2 people of our team. The time required for editing this version varies depending on the initial brief. This can range from 3 to 5 days for a simple video and from one to 2 weeks for more complex editing with effects and Motion Design.

The video montage includes:

  • The selection of the best filmed images
  • The assembly of these images
  • The synchronization of the sound with the image when there are interviews
  • The creation of a graphic design (banner title Interviews, Jingle, etc.)
  • Creating simple effects and / or Motion Design
  • The possible addition of subtitles
  • Calibration and colorimetry (corrections of colors, contrast, brightness, etc.)
  • The sound mix
  • Exporting the video file and upload it online

Promotional and branding videos go through the same process, but because it's usually filmed with cameras with very high image quality and because the shooting setup is different, the different editing steps usually require more time.
Indeed, the selection of rushes is longer, the image processing is much more refined. The editing goes through the hands of several technicians specialized editors (image and sound).


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